Barbara Madeloni says :

“The accountability regime has done too much damage for too long. Under the pretense of reform and civil rights, corporatists have exploited our children, undermined public schools as sites of democracy, further segregated our schools, worked to bust our unions, and narrowed the hopes and possibilities for children, educators and our communities. It is only in collective action, from unions, to students, to parents, to communities, that we can resist this assault and reclaim public education. I am going to UOO in Florida because it is there that allies will gather to speak, understand and organize.”

Join Barbara and many others in Florida to stand up for action!

Without organizing together we remain single actors against a tidal wave of bad policies and billionaire agenda.  When we are together we are a mighty force with which to be reckoned.

Is ending corporate reform worth the trip to Fort Lauderdale? We say, “Hell yeah!”

Barbara Madeloni, president of the 110,000-member Massachusetts Teachers Association, is a strong advocate for students and educators in the state’s public schools and public higher education system. She is committed to growing an activist union that builds alliances with parents, students and community members to give educators a strong voice in public education.

Stand Up for Action with Barbara Madeloni

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