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      It may be useful to add a line about how much funding it takes for these tests and how that money could be used by schools in ways that could provide more effective educational resources for both students and teachers.




    It may be useful to add a line about how much of the children’s learning time it takes for these tests and how that time could be used by students for learning, field trips, Art, Music, and Drama classes and PE.






    I am very concerned of the psychological impact this has had on my child. I would like to see more information supporting the fact that this puts these kids through way too much.





    Educational testing companies have very powerful lobbyists who are in the elected “officals” ear. The money it costs school districts to purchase and score these tests is astronomical but they are mandated by the state to do it. These “Educational” testing companies are making tons of money off of our children, at the cost of a true education.






    I’m working on building a movement for this upcoming school year in my area. Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton PA. We have a significant amount of spanish speakers I was wondering if there was a chance we could get these talking points translated if anyone knows someone capable?

    made a couple of adjustments and added a bit at the end for a flyer we are trying to hand out.

    Lehigh Valley Opt-OUT
    Opt-out of standardized state testing!

    Facts about punitive high stakes testing in public education:

    Is not scientifically-based and fails to follow the U.S. Government’s own data on learning

    Fosters test driven education that is not meeting the individual/intellectual needs of students

    Presents a racial and economic bias that is beneficial to white middle/upper class students and detrimental to special education students, second language students, impoverished students, and students of color

    Is in opposition to the corrective action in gaps in opportunity and resources sanctioned by the Fiscal Fairness Act

    Supports complicity of corporate interests rather than democracy based on public concerns

    Fosters coercion over cooperation with regards to federal funding for public education

    Promotes a culture of lying, cheating, and exploitation within the school community

    Has used the achievement gap to foster a “de facto” segregation that has resulted in separate and unequal education for minorities

    Is exhaustive of valuable resources such as classroom time, teacher and staff attention and energy, student energy and stress, as well as MONEY. All of these resources could be used more appropriately on high quality education.

    Luckily there is an alternative!

    According to PA Code: Title 22 Chapter 4, Section 4. All parents have the right to choose to have their children “opt out” of the state standardized tests for religious or philosophical reasons. The steps are very simple all you need to do is write a letter to your school administrators and teachers letting them know that you are choosing to have your child not participate in the state tests and request for alternative assessments. A sample letter that you may use is enclosed on the back. After that all you need to do is KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT! The more parents know that this is an option the better! Please, spread the word and get involved. http://www.facebook.com/LVoptout lehighvalleyoptout@gmail.com


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