Regional Leaders: Peggy, email: writepeg@juno.com; Denisha, email: denishanjones@gmail.com

California Opt Out Leaders:

Heather,  email: hpoland@gmail.com;   Larry, email: lsquared21@roadrunner.com; Cynthia, email: cynthialiu333@gmail.com

California Opt Out Guide Feburary 2015


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  • April 15, 2016 at 8:33 am

    Teachers are talking about a CA State Dept of Ed “manual” that advises school districts to only accept “opt out” letters from parents if every single test is named, specifically in the letter. The manual seems to be advising your Opt Out form is not sufficient, however when searching the CA St Dept of Ed “testing and Accountability” page and making a search “procedure for opting out of standardized tests”, nothing comes up.

    Is there such a manual? If one exists, why is it not accessible online?

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