North Dakota

ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW North Dakota Dear ———–, If you are a parent, you may opt your child out of the state test by notifying your school administrator in writing that your child will not be taking the state assessment.  They will code the test for your child accordingly (i.e., opted […]


Georgia Thank you for contacting the Georgia Department of Education. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you. State law 20-2-283 lists the criteria for grades three, five, and eight. If the student chooses not to take the test, s/he has not met the criteria for promotion to the next grade. Potential contact: Melissa Fincher Associate […]

New Hampshire

ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW (email conversation with DOE) How do you opt a child out of the state test? The quick answer is: you don’t. Having said that… I assume that you are talking about the state required academic assessments in October (reading at grades 3-8 and 11, mathematics at grades […]


ILLINOIS ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW From Illinois State Board of Education:  (please read below – but also know that I received an email that additionally stated that a parent should make arrangements with the principal – and as mentioned here – he still states to speak to the principal.  So, while […]


Contact for more information. Indiana Parent Guide to Opting Out of ISTEP Indiana DOE states: There is no opportunity to “opt out” of statewide testing in Indiana. There are no alternate activities planned on days for students who will be opting out. High school students who do not take the statewide tests cannot graduate […]


ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW Information on Texas Exemption (courtesy of Edy Chamness) Texas Opt Out Correspondence (courtesy of Edy Chamness) Opt Out Photo Essay Part 1 (courtesy of Edy Chamness) Opt Out Photo Essay Part 2 (courtesy of Edy Chamness) Education Inc. Texas’ daily nonprofit, non-partisan source of news, investigative reporting and […]


ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW Contact child’s school – there is a process/guidelines to follow.  Parent/guardian will need to write a letter asking that the child not be administered the state test.  Letter is needed to provide evidence to USDOE   Potential contact: Kent Hinton Student Assessment Section Systems Accountability Office (808) […]


CALIFORNIA ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW CA Ed Code 60615. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a parent’s or guardian’s written request to school officials to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of the assessments administered pursuant to this chapter shall be granted.   (see top link – […]