ACLU Multi-Family Complaint – URGENT – READ NOW

From Illinois State Board of Education:  (please read below – but also know that I received an email that additionally stated that a parent should make arrangements with the principal – and as mentioned here – he still states to speak to the principal.  So, while they may say there is not an “opt out” option, as is quite common, this does not mean you cannot opt out – we can exercise our constitutional rights according to the 14th amendment.  However, be sure to check the links below and be sure to understand what consequences they plan to impose so that you can plan to fight these consequences.)

From Illinois State Board of Education

I am following up to my earlier email because, in retrospect, I think I may have inadvertently mislead you to believe there is an “opt out” option for parents.  The IL School Code (Section 2-3.64 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.64]) addresses state testing.  The Rule in place can be found at .  Section 130 addresses assessment.  The IL School Code and Rule state that “all students” are to be tested.  IL does not have an “opt out” option.  I pulled the relevant sections and pasted them below.  Your child will have to be tested per the IL law.  I still suggest you speak to your principal about this matter.


Section 1.30 State Assessment The State Superintendent of Education shall develop and administer assessment instruments and other procedures in accordance with Section 2-3.64 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.64].


bullet a.4)

All pupils enrolled in a public or State-operated elementary school, secondary school, or cooperative or joint agreement with a governing body or board of control, a charter school operating in compliance with the Charter Schools Law [105 ILCS 5/Art. 27A], a school operated by a regional office of education under Section 13A-3 of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/13A-3], or a public school administered by a local public agency or the Department of Human Services shall be required to participate in the State assessment, whether by taking the regular assessment, with or without accommodations, or by participating in an alternate form of the assessment (Sections 2-3.25a and 2-3.64 of the School Code).