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The last two weeks we have been reporting on concerns from parents in the Sikeston R6, Missouri district where parents were told that children must stay in the testing area during SBAC and that they could just “sit there.” The superintendent also made it clear in his letter that students who […]

Vice President of Sikeston, MO School Board Clarifies Opt Out ...

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Sikeston School District in Missouri is requiring students to stay in the testing area during the SBAC. They don’t find “sit and stare” to be a big deal. Last week we shared the superintendent’s letter here. They also state that students who refuse may be subjected to disciplinary actions. Listen […]

Sikeston, MO Curriculum Admin. on Sit & Stare: “I don’t ...

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Parents in Sikeston, Missouri understand the end goal of SBAC testing. They know that this test denies children real learning opportunities. They know that this test profits corporations and starves public schools of funding for much needed resources.  They understand that this test, along with the Common Core, allows the […]

Sikeston R-6 SD in Missouri: Sit? Stare? Disciplinary Action for ...

by Morna McDermott   There are numerous think tanks, organizations, politicians, and pieces of legislation vying for a voice in the test-driven world of education. While high stakes testing drives the machine, United Opt Out National and many others know that our efforts are NOT SIMPLY ABOUT THE TESTING. Our […]

Examining How the Movement Can be Co-Opted: Education Commission of ...

  Keep your child home. Your child will not be promoted. You’re preventing your child from being successful. The school will lose funding. Yep, we’ve heard it all. But the threats to parents just keep getting worse. Here in Baltimore City, one parent received notification that his child would be […]

And The Threats Just Keep on Coming: Now Supporting a ...

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HOW TO FILE A CIVIL RIGHTS COMPLAINT  Filing a civil rights complaint is one way parents who refuse to have their child (ren) participate in high stakes standardized testing can defend the child(ren) against the following actions taken by school site or district administrators and officials: Administrator failure to adhere to parent’s […]

How to File a Civil Rights Complaint

Right now, students all over the country are standing alongside parents and teachers refusing to be subjected to the destructive effects of standardized testing. The list will be growing even larger in days and weeks to come! If you know of growing movements not posted here let us know and […]

Students Refusing to Participate in HST